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2nd Chemo - 12th & 13th May (days 2 & 3)

Updated: May 13, 2022

I need to start to get my head around the treatment cycles; this came as a shock to me. Let me explain.

Cycle 1 maxi-CHOP - NO rituximab

Cycle 2 R + high dose cytarabine (HiDAC)

Cycle 3 R + maxi-CHOP

Cycle 4 R + high dose cytarabine (HiDAC)

Cycle 5 R + maxi-CHOP

Cycle 6 R + high dose cytarabine (HiDAC) + additional rituximab day 9

If that’s not enough, try here.

What I didn’t read was ‘how’ and then apply that practically.

I learned that there is such a thing as ‘Chemo at Home’; who knew? On Wednesday (it's Friday insomnia-o’clock as I start to type), my Cytarabine (the C in DAC) has to be administered slowly due to toxicity. That is perceived to be better done at home with a self infusing pump, for my age, condition, and ability to handle it physically and mentally (🎶if you don't know me by now🎶). It means I'm not sitting in a ward bothering the staff with my shite sense of humour and acting like a fucking pork chop all the time. Sadly, Kerry gets to put up with that, sorry Babe. Also, I guess it's just all-around better.

I imagine a ‘normal’ cannula would be tricky to manage for 3 days at home? Who knows, Is it just cost-cutting? Is it patient self convenience?

I imagine it’s a combination of all. Is it inconvenient? Yes, but I’d rather be at home given the amount of Nurse/ Carer intervention required.

Is it painful? No!

Is it pain in the arse, fucking hell, yes! But I’d rather spend 3 days at home than 3 days in the Centre for shite hair inpatient rooms.

It also makes sense why I now have my BARD Power Line.

On Wed evening, I had the most god-awful stomach cramps, lower abdominal. So much so that, At a couple of points, I thought I’d have to go in.

On a scale, I’d say worse than man-flu, worse than childbirth, not as bad a kick in the stones, and definitely not as painful as being a Hibs fan.

Today, I look forward to being ‘disconnected’ and the relativity of just having my power line hanging out, being the inconvenience, as opposed to ½ a fucking hospital attached to me. In other words mildly inconvenient by comparison.

Eat like a horse due to the steroids. We should be clear that the solution to the vast majority of things does not exist in a fridge or a fucking pantry, which includes increased appetite from Steroids. So weight fluctuates due to carb-oriented water retention etc. etc. That extra belt hole and I are like me fighting gamefish; it comes close and runs for a while. It will be mine, though; yes, it will be mine very soon.

I'm only a few hours away from being disconnected and very chuffed about that.

Trepidatious about the Neulasta injection tomorrow. The injection is to help produce white cells (I think), and last time it was supposed to be the root of some bad pelvic/ hip pain, which made sense to the team; it also signifies that it's working; words I like to hear.

Again, a massive shout to everyone involved; it is fantastic, truly amazing to see the level of care, the number of affected people, and the amount of attention they provide, mainly with a smile (I can't see their mouths, obvs). Still, they sound as if my humour works.

That's enough for Fri 13th 😱

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2 Yorum

13 May 2022

Hahaha… excellent wee dig at our city rivals…. And child birth. Tee hee. 😂

13 May 2022
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Almost like your only experience of child birth was made to look “nae bother”… thanks to an epidural that would knock out an elephant 😂

fab blog Innes!

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